Google Docs Gets Smart Compose Autocorrect Added To Comments

Google's addition of the handy Smart Compose is yielding results, as Docs now features auto-correct while commenting as well as normal typing.

Google Docs is, above all else, a product that comes out of practicality. As users shift more and more of their life online, and products such as Microsoft Office prove expensive (if not completely worth it at the price range), it only makes sense that users would look for online alternatives to typing out important documents. Docs not only provides its users with a fully decked out and accessible interface that saves documents onto the Drive for easy access and emailing, it's also free! While the offline availability of Word is definitely more useful in case of emergencies, Docs is a fully competent effort that stands tall on its own.

Such a practical extension of Google's services would be incomplete, however, without autocorrect. Enter Smart Compose. Introduced to Docs in 2019, Smart Compose is the company's own stint at autocorrect development, reliant on machine learning. It was initially started in 2018, and worked on Gmail to throw suggestions at users as they wrote. Suggestions, such as spelling errors, could be implemented by pressing the Tab key, instead of automatically taking place as is the norm in Android and iOS.

The machine learning aspect means that the software learns with input from its userbase. As people keep typing out new terms unfamiliar, or accept suggestions from the AI, it goes on to integrate these decisions and mold itself further and further into a pristine example of autocorrect technology, much like mobile autocorrect but on a larger scale.

While the autocorrect AI has been available on Docs for quite a while, it’s just been introduced to the comments feature as well. This recent integration means that people can write down short, coherent messages in a much more fluid manner. Comments are already a rushed process, due to their short nature. Such haste will naturally also lead to grammatical shortcomings and spelling errors. The presence of autocorrect now means that users no longer have to worry much about coherence, as they can focus on their work and let Smart Compose pick up the slack.

The new autocorrect features are now automatically available on Google Docs, ready to start suggesting edits as soon as a user starts typing. For users who wish to do without the distraction, it can easily be deactivated by going into Tools. From there, a quick trip to Preferences and then in general settings, the suggestions can be turned off. Even certain filtered suggestions can be turned off, for example suggestions regarding capitalization or spellings.

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