Facebook Adds Recent Gallery Photos To Post Composing Section To Save Uploaders Time

In a minor yet highly useful tweak to Facebook's post composing features, recent photos from a device's camera roll will be available right below the text box for quick convenience.

While, if we're being honest, the inclusion or removal of this feature probably won't affect everyone's typical Facebook experience by much, it's still a neat little revamp to the interface. Photos are, after all, important. They make up the "face" part of Facebook. Their inclusion in posts is incredibly important to brands and businesses that have pages on the platform, and even the most inactive of users has probably put one photo up since the inception of their account.

This also goes without mentioning the importance of photos and visual-relates posts. Reports have consistently shown that posts accompanied with videos and/or photos, as opposed to just text, fare marginally better in terms of reacts and interaction. Photos have been shown to have a consistent 2% more chance of reaching higher engagement as opposed to text, according to a report published by BuzzSumo in 2019.

All in all, we've managed to establish that photos are important to the Facebook process. Hardly a surprise, to be fair, but let's press on. With all of this evidence in store, Facebook's streamlining of the photo addition process does seem a tad bit late. Especially when one considers that Instagram, a Facebook-owned subsidiary, has had this same feature almost from the get-go. This very feature of presenting recent photos in the camera roll for posting is also available in the social media app's own story interface.

It does seem a bit odd that they wouldn't incorporate it into posting anytime sooner. However, it really isn't all-too big an update so the company probably didn't give it too much importance. Other than going all-in on their other ventures such as Gaming and Super, Facebook's also been busy with shutting down unsubstantiated anti-vaccination rhetoric running rampant on the app. It's also dealing with an FTC-led lawsuit over alleged illegal monopolization, so the addition of a short photo interface hardly seems to be the priority.

When will users get to see this feature out in the public? Well, this feature was reported by the all-too familiar social media expert Matt Navarra, so it seems to already be up and about in a limited capacity. In the interest of beta testing, Facebook will often out roll brand new features to certain users or in certain regions before expanding to the rest of the world. So, while the feature will definitely be reaching all devices, it might take a few more months to trudge along.

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