Google's "Practice Problems" Feature Will Help You Learn Something New Right From Search Result Pages

Google Search is not only just a random search engine; the tech giant is trying to expand it and make it more beneficial for the users now. For a couple of months, Google has been testing a sidebar on the left-hand side with an array of filters in different categories. Some of the filters that are shown in this sidebar during the various testing phases include the Overview of a search query, books related to it, its history, news related to it, examples, and sharing options.

Now, Shalom Goodman has recently shared on Twitter a very interesting category filter that Google Search seems to be testing in this sidebar currently.

This new filter is called ‘Practice Problems’. Its name defines its purpose. For instance, a user types the word ‘Physics’ or ‘chemistry’ in the search bar, the sidebar will show them this filter. When they click on it, Google Search will start showing them sample multiple-choice questions (also known as quiz) and an additional hint for the user.

Now, this is something tremendously interesting. It is not only a fun activity, but it is very educational too. It can especially benefit a lot of students of various age groups who have had a very disrupted educational pattern during the year 2020, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The educational institutes had to be shut down for indefinite periods, and students had the opportunity to use online apps and resources to continue their education. This new feature will let the students test themselves in various subjects and even learn new concepts through these multiple-choice questions. There is a high possibility that the hints are especially going to be quite informative.

Underneath the sample question, there is going to be an option for the users to go to Toppr for more questions regarding a particular subject in which they are interested. For people who are taking various types of exams, this can help them with their exam preparation too.

The year 2021 is also uncertain because the pandemic is still going on and despite the vaccine against COVID-19 has started circulating, still it will take a lot of time for the world to regain some normalcy.

In the meanwhile, people from various age groups can make use of this interesting learning feature if Google decides to roll it out officially soon. So far, nothing about its launch is known and this feature is currently being tested.

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