Google is testing new layout and design for their Sitelinks on Smartphones

Google’s website is at the top of the list in having the largest traffic around the globe with billions of users in a month. Google constantly changes the layout and designs of their layout on both desktops and mobiles. Everyone wants to put their site on the top of the list of Sitelinks, where they can get the maximum number of traffic on their websites. This makes sense because more traffic will make your website more popular.

Recently, Google has tested a countless number of designs and layouts on mobile phones. It may be possible that your site after the new design gets at the top of the list, or it may not be possible, according to the tweet of Ric Rodriguez.

Google has also tested the design of people also ask box and a new algorithm. The latest test marked has a brand-new look and texture for the mobile search results. The current layout and search design are slightly different from the previous layout and design. In the new look of a design, this looks like a desktop version on mobile phones, just like a more responsive design tactic.

Ric Rodriguez has also shown two screenshots of previous and current designs on Twitter with a description beneath. Google has said that they are testing the new design on mobile for almost a year. This is important because the sitelinks are the extra links with the Google search result where the searcher can directly go to the most important and relevant pages of anyone’s website. This brings more traffic to your websites if you are lucky enough in getting your website at the top of the list of sitelinks.

In the new design of Google’s Sitelinks, you can easily swipe the sitelink carousel from the left to the right, and you can even go back to see all the sitelink selections from the site you are browsing for.

It is also said that Google is also testing the auto-play video of your relevant search results. This will bring your search a new look. Now, after launching the new design this year, everyone will try their best to put their websites at the top of the search.

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