Google Introduces “Health and Safety” Feature for Local Businesses During the Uncertain Times of Covid

Since the emergence of the Corona Virus everybody is staying cautious with the chanting “mask up” always in their minds. Different well-known companies have taken it under them to aware people about the information related to this virus. One of these companies is Google.

From the time Corona was declared as a pandemic, Google has done all it can to let people know about the deadly virus by introducing new features every now and then like keeping people updated about the spread rate of Covid-19 in their respective countries, letting them know how they can protect themselves and what precautions to take, truthful updates about the vaccine or simple reminding them to wear masks whenever they open Google Maps. The latest among these features is the “Health and Safety” Precaution associated with the local businesses.

According to Seroundtable, Google first introduced this feature around October 2020, in which local business could include Health and Safety information about their respective businesses.

Since then whenever you search for a local business or outlet on Google, a new panel, namely “Health and Safety” emerges with it, which lets the public know about the precautions being taken at the place. The feature shows attributes that are must follow during this pandemic and verifies if the local business is following it or not. Some of which include whether the place allows you in only when you have a mask on (which you should follow no matter if it lets you in without a mask too, Mask up always.) or if the staff members are wearing masks as well. Apart from that, if the local business is some restaurant, food joint or a place where there could be a handful of people present do they check your temperature before allowing you inside. Some places like clinics or pharmacies also mention whether or not you can get your work done through appointments or on call in order to minimize going out. All these are some really important steps to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

People are really scared to go out unnecessarily because of the spread of Covid and the increasingly high death rates at some places, with this feature they can just search up that whether or not the place they are going to, is following the necessary precautions or not which gives them a tiny sense of safety and security while going out.

It is wonderful to see that applications like Google have taken the security of its users seriously and keep them updated concerning the virus in ways they do. All that aside, we hope this pandemic ends soon and we get to experience the mask free life again.

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