Windows 10 Is Set To Feature A Big Update This Fall

Microsoft is all set to launch its newest update called “News And Interest “ where you get quick access to the news all around the globe and throughout the day, right there, on the taskbar. It will include current weather, news updates, live sports broadcast, and the latest events, without the hassle of waiting to open and checking the app.

Of course, the users will be able to personalize their feeds according to their choices. In this mini-feed, just like Google Discover, every category is in a card, and tapping on it will take you further into the details and access more articles relevant to the topic. Moreover, it will have options to see fewer stories or more stories related to the article, through Artificial Intelligence, most notably the users not interested in this widget can completely turn it off directly from their taskbars.

According to Microsoft, this update will be comprised of several widgets which make it easier for the users as they wouldn’t have to switch between different apps and devices. Windows 10 taskbar newsfeed will show the latest news from over 4,500 global brands and offers a simplified view of the recommended news with fewer distractions. Microsoft also said that the update will be ad-free for the time being, and they won’t be taking any advertisements at the launch but that could change with time, based on customer feedback.

Currently, the publishers already working with “Bing News Pub Hub” will be producing news articles for the “News and Interest”. Microsoft is also working on boosting the privacy controls to limit web tracking through browser settings by allowing the user to view their data from the Microsoft Privacy Dashboard. This feature cannot be uninstalled manually but can be disabled since it’s a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System powered by Microsoft Network.

The new update will require Microsoft’s Chromium Based Edge to access the “News and Interest”. Windows insider in between having a few other updates like the increasing capability to run the specified LINUX commands on startup in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), storage settings, advanced automatic conversion of time zones, is set to expand its viewership with over 1 billion windows 10 devices globally.

This update will be available to the public hopefully in the last half of 2021. But for now, for the trial purpose, the users of Windows Insiders in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India can access the “News and Weather” feature. “News and Interest” is currently live in Windows 10 Build 21286 in the Windows Development Channel. Although it can’t be said, that in the future this update will stay with windows 10.

H/T: Albacore/Twitter

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