Reddit is trying new methods for its users to avoid the stress of notifications

Reddit is a network of communities of different people’s interests. People find different ways of their interest in this forum and become part of such a community online. It is a massive collection of forums in which people according to their interests share different news and content, or they can comment on such posts. Reddit is wrecked up into more than a million communities and they have known a subreddits. Every subreddit covers a different topic so that people can talk about such topics according to their choice.

But here the problem comes from the notification that people see on their screens every time, which has become fatigue for many people by using this app. Reddit has announced updates on its platform between December 16 and 4 January. Reddit will convert their holiday awards back into their old-style non-holiday arrangement, which is a sad nod.

Reddit gives free coins and it has decided to extend this practice infrequently to both Android and iOS users to people on the internet. This is a piece of exciting news for the users so that they can keep their eyes on the coins shop. This is a trick to get the people’s response about the method to avoid notifications which causes problems among the people that they do not want to see notifications. Reddit, therefore, wrote in a post that if any user sees even one notification, he can take that giveaway of free coins. Coins in Reddit is a virtual good, that people can use to award model posts or comments. People can encourage their favorite contributors by using such coins.

Reddit is testing this method on just inbox notification merely, which people receive in the inbox, not on their phones and muted notifications which shows on the users’ phones but does not make a sound and distract windows and screen that is opened on the screen of the users.

Reddit is hopeful that this test will be successful and will reduce the fatigue of the people.

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