Google Chrome is rolling out its ‘read later’ feature for Android users

Have you ever looked at an article that seemed interesting but you couldn’t really finish reading it because you were in a hurry? Then after coming back to that web page that article just seemed to disappear into thin air all of a sudden? Well, if you’re an Android user, you will know what this feels like, but hold on tight, as Google is planning to develop a read later feature on Chrome for Android users! This will allow you to save the article so that you can read it whenever you want.

The ‘read later’ feature basically allows you to save the web page in order to read it on a time suitable for you. Google Chrome is one of the safest and fastest web browsers out there, the developers are always on the run to make features available that can prove to be of an advantage to the users. This feature will be available to android users with the release of the new Google Chrome 90.

This feature is also really easy to use, users will just have to press 3 dot menu and add any current opened link/tab into Reading list or they can hold onto the link in any web page and they will come across the usual list of popup which will include ‘open in new tab’, at the end of this popup, the list will also have a ‘Read later’ option, users will only have to tap on that to save it for later read! The articles will be saved in Bookmarks in a separate ‘Reading list’ folder. Google Chrome developed this similar feature for iOS users in 2017 but didn’t really do the same for Android or PC users. As not-fascinating it may seem, tell this to someone who really loves to read and explore the web and you are for sure to hear them squeal with excitement.

This feature can be enabled from Chrome Canary's experimental page section chrome://flags by searching "Reading list" flag or interested user can simply go to chrome://flags/#read-later and enable it.

The latest version of Google Chrome that is Chrome 88 was released recently. This new version of Chrome came with a better update and support for tab search and improved password protections which identifies weak passwords and helps the user to come up with strong ones.

Users are yet to fully try out Chrome 88; the ‘read later’ feature is one of the many firsts that the Chrome 90 will contain. We are yet to see and experience more features from Chrome for which Google for sure must be having more ideas for.

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