Facebook to Introduce New Archive and Trash Options for Its Users

Facebook has evolved over the years to a great extent introducing new features every now and then to keep the app interesting and up to date with the evolution of the world in technology and all the generations alike.

While it already lets you delete your posts from your feed, it recently introduced a new feature in its “Manage Activity” section earlier this week. This new feature will help you to Trash and Archive your posts that you no longer need on your feed. The posts can appear on your preview tool, and you can search posts to delete in order of filters for posts, people tagged and content like photos videos and texts etc.

We all have been at a position where we had to permanently delete posts one by one from our past because they did not reflect of the person who we are at the current moment or they just internally made us cringe making us question our entire life. “What was I thinking while posting this?” or just pictures and stuff of people we are no longer in contact with. Well, this feature only helps you get rid of that problem.

Must be thinking what this Manage Activity will do?

The Manage Activity will help you get rid of posts you no longer need on your feed by sending them to trash or simply archiving them. Posts sent to trash will immediately be deleted from your timeline but will stay in the trash folders for 30 days, during which time period you can retrieve it back from the trash to your timeline, after 30 days the posts then will simply vanish from the trash as well. This will give you a time period in case you realize after a day or two that the post or picture simply meant a lot to you and you start to regret deleting it.

The Archive part of the feature will be suitable for people who do not like letting go of memories or want to hold onto their stuff but don’t want it to be on their timeline.

By using this feature, they can archive their posts, which simply means that the posts will not be deleted nor will it stay on your feed but will go into a separate folder which can be only accessible by the user of the profile. How cool is that!

Facebook should have introduced this feature a long time ago before so many of us accidently or deliberately let go of things we did not want to but its better late than never right? The new feature will first be available for Facebook’s mobile applications in the next week or two and later would be made available for the desktops and other devices.

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