Google Chrome to Introduce New PDF Viewer Features for its Users

Like all companies, Google Chrome also wants to keep its feature up to date and easy to use for its users hence it keeps making changes to keep its users interest intact.

Previously Chrome, did not have the feature (by default) to show contents in PDF form. While its search engine competitors like Firefox and Third Party PDF Readers had the ability to load content in PDF metadata or document properties, Google has been late to hop on the bandwagon and still has not introduced the PDF feature for all users by default, while news is that work is in progress.

Firefox browser PDF metadata properties were enabled when you click on Tools and then document properties while some third-party providers showed this property using a shortcut by pressing Ctrl + D to enable the PDF metadata. While Google did not have this property up until now, it is changing its ways.

Currently the Chrome users may use the viewer to zoom in and out of the document, print the document, and change its orientation while its competitors (such as Microsoft Edge) offers much more than that, offering a table of contents, automatic zooming, read aloud and several other really cool functions.

It recently came into our notice that Google team has been trying to improve its PDF viewer and the first look has been added to all Chrome versions (including Stable and Canary). On Chrome PDF viewer, Presentation Mode and other PDF features have been added. Google is trying to advance its browser and it is expected that it will offer some really cool features by default like table of contents or document outline (also known as Bookmarks for PDFs or quick jump support, which is also available by default on stable version on top right side bar when a PDF is opened), two-page view option, and more for the ease of its users.

To enables Chrome’s new PDF viewer all you have to do run Chrome on your device, then open chrome://flags in the browser's address bar and then search the PDF Viewer Update. Alternatively, load chrome://flags/#pdf-viewer-update directly. Set the PDF Viewer Update flag to Enabled and then restart Google Chrome.

This feature will be available for all versions of Google Chrome. The new PDF viewer will immediately be available on the Chrome once you enable it and you will be able to see the difference right away because of the new content bar table on the side of the screen which will make all the difference.

Even though Google was late to hop on the bandwagon for updating the PDF viewer we are glad it did. Considering the large following Google has this feature will be really helpful for its users and we cannot wait to use it.

Current (Default) Google Chrome PDF Viewer

Upcoming Google Chrome PDF Viewer (which can be activated with PDF Viewer Update Flag)
Upcoming Google Chrome Document Properties for PDFs

Upcoming Google Chrome Document Properties (AKA meta data) for PDFs

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