Facebook is changing the Page presentation layout by removing the ‘Our Story’ section from February 2021

Facebook has recently started sending prompts to Page administrators that a new change is on its way, as first reported by Andrew Hutchinson on SMT. From 28th February, the ‘Our Story’ section in the Page’s ‘About’ information will be removed. Instead, admins can shift their added information in another section called ‘Additional Information.’

This means that the Page outline is changing and for the better. It is always quite crammed up with the information in the ‘About’ section, and then some more in the ‘Our Story’ section. Most of the Page owners do not even bother to change their content in the two sections and they just copy-paste the information from the About section in the Story section.

Facebook had introduced this Story section a few years ago to maximize the chances of Page owners with their followers and frequent visitors. It was a means to provide more information about your Page or business or brand.

Even though this information was meant to improve communication between the Page owners and its followers, it still appeared quite cluttered.

Now, the Additional Information section will contain all the extra details that you want your customers and visitors to read about you and your business.

As of now, Facebook is sending prompts to the Page owners and admins, however, it seems that the alterations that these admins will now have to make in their page outlook will have to be done manually. So, going to the Settings and Page info can help you alter how your Additional Information section looks.

Another option is to follow the links that Facebook’s alert prompts contain to make the necessary changes.

It seems that Additional Information is going to be a secondary element. Our Story was also a secondary element to the About section, but the way it was presented along with the primary elements was not so appealing to the eyes. Most users and followers would not even read that much information that was presented in such a cluttered and disorganized way.

With the Additional Information section, the presentation of the Page is likely to change, and the chances to interact with the users and followers will remain intact. So, this move will not cause any harm for the Page owners, admins, etc. In fact, it is probably going to add more meaning and profoundness to the Main Page’s presentation.

Screenshot: Snappa.

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