Lenovo Collaborates With Dolby to Boost Video Call Audio Quality

Video calls and conference calls have become increasingly important as of late for obvious reasons. A number of apps have sprung up surrounding quality conference calls, and many big tech companies have moved into this area as well. A common problem that a lot of people are facing, though, is that the audio quality on these calls can often be a little sketchy. It can be hard to rely on conference calls as effective methods of getting things done when there are so many problems that can be faced in terms of hearing the other person talk.

Dolby is collaborating with Lenovo to try and fix this issue. Dolby Voice is a piece of tech that has been around for quite a while, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that in order to use it for superior video call audio quality you needed separate hardware. The difference now is that two upcoming Lenovo laptops are going to have this hardware built in, thereby making it so that you wouldn’t need anything special in order to take advantage of this sort of thing.

Dolby Voice is a great addition to Lenovo laptops due to its dynamic equalization features as well as the volume boosts that it can give. The noise removal is also quite remarkable, so much so that anyone you end up talking to is going to get crisp audio that you can use to relay any information you feel is pertinent to whatever it is that they might be doing.

Lenovo has lagged behind some of its competitors in recent years, but a collaboration like this might just allow the company to gain back some lost ground and make users think of it as a viable option once again.

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