Beware Content Creators! Facebook is Prioritizing Original Reporting in News Feed from This Year Onwards

Facebook works day in and out to make its app a place for all kinds of entertainment whether it is providing you with random quizzes or some urgent news or simply providing you the stats of these uncertain times of Covid 19 but it has now decided to honor the news articles that have original authorship.

Well Facebook recently highlighted a new rule on sharing the articles from this year onward. According to Facebook they held a survey asking people on what kind of content or news they wanted to see on the application and most people answered that they want new stories that are credible and informative. Based on the answers of people Facebook has decided to prioritize stories or news based on original reporting and transparent authorship. News and Articles that will not have original reporting will be distributed on the News Feed lesser than those articles carrying original authorship. This will help discover people authentic and credible news on their feed and not the same old things again and again.

The internet is a vast place carrying news from all around the world and according to Facebook, Original reporting is a great way to keep the people updated about new stories and uncovering new facts and data.

Between sharing and forwarding the names of the original author of the story is lost and Facebook does not want that to happen. Facebook claims that journalism takes time and expertise and therefore they want to respect the creators and only show authentic ownership of the news on the feed. The question arises how will Facebook do this?

Well Facebook said that they will start looking at groups of articles about a certain news and will try identifying the one cited as the original source. They will start doing this for news in English language first and will further move to articles in different language in the near future. According to Facebook, most of the news we see on our Feed are shared from sources you or your friends follow, so when Facebook will notice the multiple stories shared by the publisher on your News Feed they will automatically boost it up.

It is great that Facebook realizes that different versions of the same story appearing on the News Feed again and again make it annoying for the users and took this step towards only prioritizing the story with original authorship.

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