Android 12 is likely to enable app hibernation service for space storage optimization

Google seems to be working on a new and extremely useful feature for the upcoming Android 12 version. The Developer Preview of Android 12 is expected to come somewhere around February or March, and amongst some other interesting changes, this new feature is going to be amazing for the space storage conundrums that most users often face.

So, now, if we have a lot of apps on our Android phone, naturally they usurp all the space. Some of the apps are used a lot, while some apps are not used at all. So, to create space, we often have to delete all these unused or less-used apps.

However, as per XDA, Android is now working on a new hibernation service that in theory, will put these less used or not used apps in a kind of sleep mode. While they are in this mode, their space is likely to be vacated and that space can be used for anything else the user wants to download in their app.

It is likely going to happen through some code changes that Google has submitted to the Android Open-Source Project. As per them, this hibernation state will allow the apps that are not actively used to enter and be optimized for storage.

Now, these are all just basic pieces of information and it is still not known as to how these apps will enter the hibernation state, and whether these setting changes or code changes will have to be applied by the user manually, or will it be something related to backend and default changes. Besides, it is not known as to what factors will determine that a particular app now needs to go into the hibernation state? Will there be any kind of statistics involved that say that if an app is not used more than 10 times a week, then it is eligible to go into the hibernation state?

Another important factor that remains a mystery as yet is that perhaps there is going to be a limit for the apps in the hibernation state also. For instance, if there are around 12 apps in the hibernation state, will there be a limit that will restrict the addition of more apps to it? So, all these questions are unanswered at the moment and only once the Android 12 dev. Preview comes, we will have to keep guessing in a state of excited anticipation.

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