Apple’s iOS 14.4 will show a warning message to its users if their iPhone is installed a non-genuine camera part

Apple company is amongst the best and top-selling brands in the world. Apple is providing the quality and most genuine products to its customers. For them, quality is the key to grab more customers from around the globe. Therefore, Apple company is concerned about its genuine product, and to maintain its goodwill around the world, Apple has introduced its new update in iOS 14.4 where a warning message will be shown on the screen of users’ phone if their camera has a non-genuine part, as reported by MR.

Apple will not accept any part or component of their phone being non-genuine, because it will damage their reputation in the world. According to a report, previously some parts of Apple products were selling non-genuinely in the name of a company, which were creating a bad image of the company among its users.

Apple company is also concerned that they think the third-party camera is not up to their standard. The warning message will appear in the setting app under General > About as necessary. The warning message will also appear as a notification on the lock screen of the phone for some time. This will make its user clear whether they have bought a genuine iPhone part or not.

Apple has also made it clear that the warning message does not mean to prevent the non-genuine camera to be used, however, it simply means that the user should be aware of the quality of the product. Apple will also not replace such parts under warranty in Apple Care. It is also not known whether the third-party camera will take your data in case of photos and videos.

Apple company always suggests its customers go to the authorized centers when they need to repair their device and the parts of the device. Some unauthorized person may take out the genuine part of your product and may sell it in a black market and install a third-class part in your device. Apple company cares about the cost that its users have spent on its products. Therefore, Apple company prohibit unauthorized mechanics to replace the genuine part of the phone. It is said that those users having iPhone 12 models will not likely to be able to go the unauthorized shops for the replacement of the part of the phone. Surely, that all upcoming iPhone device will have a pre-installed feature.

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