The number of cases of online harassment have grown more severe in recent years that in every 10 Americans, 4 have experienced the behavior

In the year 2020, a report was issued that almost 41 percent of surveyed Americans have experienced some kind of online harassment, including the 28 percent of those people who have experienced a severe form such as physical threats, sexual harassment, and cyberbullying. Further, most of the cases were found on the social media platforms.

What is more worried that these numbers are constantly increasing day by day. This can be said that these numbers have increased because the number of internet users has increased in the last years due to the lockdown during the pandemic. Many teenagers started doing such activities as fun due to the lack of knowledge and the consequences of such activities.

The year 2020 has already been considered a controversial year, this is true up to a great extent, particularly on the social network, people should be supervised more because there is teenagers involved in using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Pew has surveyed of 10,000 Americans. Unfortunately, over 4,000 Americans have experienced some form of online harassment including some severe cases. This survey was also conducted three years before, but the level of severity and perseverance of attacks was quite low at that time. In the year 2020, the number of sustained harassment and multiple forms of harassment have grown up to a great number. Despite some strong measures of cybersecurity, and many people were given harsh punishment who were involved in such cases.

Most women have experienced a severe form of harassment, including more than 16 percent, who have experienced online sexual harassment. However, three years before, this percent was half than the year 2020. More than 11 percent of men have experienced such harassment cases. It is said that most women were under the age of 35 years who have experienced such severe behavior, which causes bad effects on their mental health. Women have reported the cases of triple the number of men in Americans,

More than half percent of teenagers said that they are given a physical threat too. These numbers are consistently increasing that 10 percent of American have stalked online, while in the year 2017 this percentage was 7.

A lesser form of harassment has now pretty much common in American society that more than 31 percent of people have become the victims of abusive names and purposeful embarrassment. It is also found that some people have become victims of these harassments due to their different beliefs and religion. However, very few people were harassed due to different political beliefs. 29 percent have said that due to their race, they have become the victims.

More than 55 percent of Americans consider harassment, a major problem of society. However, 37 percent think that this, not a major problem, according to Pew’s report. Social media platform also needs to consider such issues seriously.
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