A new Question and Answer section is coming on TikTok to maximize engagement between the creators and their followers

Addressing the questions of the audience and followers during a Live session is one thing but enabling them to pose questions as they prompt in their mind aside from the Live question and answer session is something different. It is much more engaging and surely increases the prospects of more outreach and popularity for the creators.

TikTok is bringing this feature to a selected number of creators. This report has been shared by famous social media consultant and expert Matt Navarra, who has shared the screenshots originally taken from Sam Schmir.

As per the reports, selected creators can now see an option to switch on the new Q and A functionality.

After enabling this, the fans and followers of the creators will see a small icon with a question mark, prompting them to click on it.

Once tapped, this icon will lead them to an interface where they will be asked to pose their question to the creator.

Now, they can add as many questions as they want, and the creators can answer their queries in their next video/post, or they can use the basis of these follower queries for their next video. In either case, it is surely going to be a very useful feature for both the creators as well as their followers and will improve their engagement prospects a lot too.

Other people who see these questions by some of the followers may vote on them to let the creators know that they also want to ask the same question or let them know that which queries need to be addressed first as a priority.

This is going to be a very interesting way to increase and improve interaction with the loyal followers and to let them feel how important they are and how much you, as a creator, value their feedback and responses to your posts and videos.

TikTok is not just a short-form video sharing app meant for entertainment. Apart from entertainment, it is now being used by various brands and businesses to promote their products through TikTok stars and influencers. This trend saw a major boost in 2020 when the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic and major businesses and brands had to cut down on their advertisement budgets. To find a way to survive, they started turning towards these social platforms like TikTok for the promotion of their products and services at a much lower rate than their regular ad policies and strategies.

So, while the platform is being used for such amazing purposes, it is important to make it more interactive, and that is what TikTok is attempting now with the new Q and A section.

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