TikTok Tests A New Feature That Will Notify You When a User You Follow Goes Live

If you are an avid TikTok user, this news is for you. TikTok is now working on a feature which will allow you to enable the Live Stream Notification for individual accounts, as reported by Alessandro Paluzzi.

TikTok has gained popularity over the few years and it is one of the most used apps among the younger generation. TikTok is moving forward and taking steps to improve its app day after day trying to make it a safe for its users by introducing new features. Previously, very recently it jumped on the bandwagon of introducing ads from brands for users on its app and now news is coming in about a newly introduced feature related to its Live Stream Option.

We all are familiar with the Live Streaming on Facebook and Instagram and have been an apart of them as well, but a lot of us do not know that TikTok offers this feature as well and now TikTok has set an option for you to get notified when anyone from your following goes Live.

TikTok is very popular among the young generation giving them the freedom to make short videos with music or sound or whatever they want to and express themselves through it and a lot of people also follow each other and see each other’s content, but has it ever happened to you that you are currently not present on the app when your favorite creator on TikTok who you love very much goes Live and you miss it. After that when you check the live has ended and you feel sad for missing it. Then worry not. TikTok has worked on solving that problem for you. It now allows to turn on the option which will notify you as soon as your favorite creator goes live. This does not mean that when anyone you follow go lives you will be notified. This works on the people whose Live Stream notification you will enable. For that you have to go to push notifications in the Settings and then click on Live Notification Settings and then enable the “Get Recommended Live Notification” on the persons’ profile. This way you will get notified whenever that user goes Live even if you are off the application.

It is great to see emerging apps like TikTok which have a lot of popularity is working towards making its application a friendly place and easy to use environment for its users. The app has a long way to go and we cannot wait to see what other features will it introduce in the future.

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