YouTube's Desktop Site Now Has Topics Filters for Recommended Videos

YouTube has recently introduced Topic Filters to help users navigate more content on its platform.

To say that YouTube's become a large platform would be akin to calling cannons slingshots. The video-streaming site has more or less encompassed our current-day social and online culture. While not being the same viral trend-setting machine it was back in the day, with that moniker being adopted by newer platforms like TikTok, YouTube's impact on the world is nothing less than a stroke of magnificence.

Entire careers and celebrities have been made out of the site, as our newer generations looks less towards the big screen of cinema, and focuses more on their desktops and mobile phones. And, while we're on the subject one should also mention that the concept of binge-streaming, while being strongly associated with Netflix, started on YouTube. A fact that, considering the latest update, is rather relevant right now.

Binging culture means that users want to quickly jump between video to video, depending on whatever catches their fancy. However, it's a bit of an annoyance when the Recommended videos on PC being shown at one's right hand offer limited options. Recommendations are either completely constrained to the video at hand, or simply parrot off whatever channels the user at hand likes. Which is fine, but very limiting. No one on a binging spree wants the process to be interrupted and they ponder over what to watch next.

The latest filters introduced to the desktop version of YouTube attempts to fix that. Topic Filters have been added to the Recommended tab, allowing users to access not only a much larger selection, but one that can be further curated to the viewer's tastes. Much like how the YouTube app will throw search suggestions relevant to a user's most recent/most-viewed content in the form of small, grey text-boxes, Recommended will feature suggestions that users can apply to change what videos they can jump to.

The personalized label feature, currently only accessible to a limited number of signed-in users via the desktop site, will put up suggestions that one can cycle through as they're watching videos. Options include the normal queue that Recommendations usually features, labelled "all". Other tags are different keywords linked to the current video (for example, watching a video about cricket might feature "sports" and "one-day international" as Recommended filters). One final filter option includes recently uploaded video from a user's subscribed channels.

The filters are a very small tweak to YouTube's norm, but cover up so much unnecessary hassle, and shows that the company properly recognizes its audience of serial-watchers, and caters to them accordingly.
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