6 in 10 of Businesses Do Not See It Necessary to Inform Customers That They Are Being Tracked, Survey

Nobody likes being tracked and spied on. Stealing someone's data is the most unethical practice a person or organization can adopt. You never know that the organization or an individual you are trusting and relying on might not prove to be trustworthy. Companies track you through the help of cookies, IP addresses, and browsing preferences. Not only tracking but also keeping it a secret from you has become quite common these days. Surprisingly, giant social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Amazon are on the top list of those who know the most about you. You might be wondering where does all this data go to do it benefits the firms. Well, when these companies are questioned about this, they fail to answer every time. However, according to the 2018 reports of Facebook, it officially announced its earning that was around $16.6 billion. Long story short: the more the data of its users: the more Facebook earns by selling it.

Additionally, a survey has recently conducted which was concluded with the results that without fear of being charged or accused of using their users data, the companies are still tracking their users. CRM Essentials conducted research that was commissioned by Zoho. Sadly, 62 percent of Canadian and US companies allow third-party tracking codes on their website and do not let their users know about this. Around 55 percent of companies claimed that they take great care of the data privacy policies of their users.

While aggregating data for the survey, the Zoho company took 1,416 business leaders of both small and huge companies into consideration. The act of unethically using the data of customers was common among a large majority of them.

After knowing that those huge companies use your data without your consent, many of us would fail to believe that they don’t, even if the companies verify this themselves. However, the results of the research also included a small number of companies who thought it is important to let customers know that their data is being tracked. This is hard to believe - nobody spies on you after letting you know.

Moreover, the number of companies and businesses who confessed that they tracked their users' data and considered it important to let them know, was recorded to be 72 percent of B2B businesses. Whereas, the percentage fell to 58 percent when B2C businesses were questioned about it.

To add more, 85 percent of companies had no regret for hiding their transparency regarding how they use their users’ data. While 68 percent of firms were convinced that they had already done enough to let customers know about how their data is being handled by them.
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