YouTube Wants You To Watch More Shorts (Its TikTok Rival) With New Tweaks In The App

Just when TikTok was in trouble, YouTube came up with Shorts in order to grab the opportunity of attracting more visitors to something new. However, as things never really went according to the expectations and TikTok still is giving a tough time to all the competitors, YouTube has decided to bring subtle changes.

The first change includes the replacement of the Cast icon at the top bar inside the app with the new Shorts icon. And just when that alone wasn’t enough, the second experiment is based on sprouting up the Shorts icon located at the bottom of the navigation bar from where one can swipe up to Explore more content.

While the decision to rearrange the navigation of icons seems like a new way to promote the service, YouTube is also making more sense with it. Shorts has been there for a while in the market and chances are that people have posted good content on it. So, it is pretty much obvious that boosting the Explore tab can turn out to be a very good move for increasing engagement.

Along with that, the test to replace the Cast icon for Shorts is also a reasonable move as more and more people are familiar with Casting now, and a dedicated icon to promote the feature is no longer required.

But as there is no certainty in the plans which YouTube wants to achieve with these little moves, this is why the company is testing the changes with a limited number of users in India. So, eventually, the feedback will decide whether the company should move forward with the new icons or not.

In case, if you are the unfortunate ones who are not chosen by YouTube for the test, there is nothing to worry about it as these are just new ideas of the company for now.

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