Younger Generation Is Playing A Key Role In Promoting Climate Change

Finally, we have reached that point in time where more and more consumers are becoming very conscious of climate change. In fact, this has also been very evident in the changes in approach that recently has been taking place as policy makers are focusing on how to keep the environment clean and also exploring alternative fuel options for energy companies.

There is new data on climate change which shows that the awareness of it has been pushed by the younger generations with their sustainability goals.

The data has been collected by Deloitte which they took with the help of their new Global Millennial Survey for 2020 and according to it, a lot of respondents (including Gen Z) are much more concerned about the key environmental factors that are better for the world in the near future.

The stats began with 64 percent of Millennials and 55 percent of Gen Z’ers expressing their opinions that they do take actions to reduce the usage of single-plastic. Furthermore, another 52 percent and 42 percent said that they now prefer to go for more organic and local food, while in the similar stats more 50 percent and 41 percent of Millennials and Gen Z’ers, respectively, said they no longer purchase fast fashion to fulfill their desires.

With that being said, we are seeing, and as Bloomberg has stated, that TikTok stars and Youtube gamers are also promoting the importance of climate change and the initiatives that people take to reduce its impact. Such voices are reaching out from one generation to the other as, during the gamer streams and TikTok videos, there are more positive words about climate-friendliness which will eventually encourage millions to help in saving the only planet that we have.

Younger Generation Is Playing A Key Role In Promoting Climate Change
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