TikTok’s recent ‘Year on TikTok’ in-app feature brings in memories for the users to reminisce how they spent their 2020 with the platform

TikTok, the famous short-form video-sharing platform has recently started showing the users a reel of all their precious moments that they spent this year using TikTok through its new in-app feature, ‘Year on TikTok.’ According to the company, this feature will allow the users to reminisce the highlights of some of their TikTok moments that defined their 2020 on the platform.

The users will see a personalized video that will contain the highlights about all the videos the users engaged with, along with their comments, most- shared videos, likes, some other relevant information that would basically remind the users how TikTok was a part of their journey throughout 2020.

This functionality is quite similar to the ‘Memories’ that we see on Facebook regularly. The purpose of Facebook’s feature also is to make the users watch how they spent the app in their daily communications throughout the year, and how impactful role does the app play in the user’s life. The users feel more connected and positive towards the app this way.

TikTok has announced that when the users will share their ‘Year on TikTok’ video with others, TikTok will give them a special badge for the upcoming year that can be added to their profile photo. This will also invoke positive feelings amongst the users and will help them feel more comfortable using the app.

TikTok has been trying to deliberately paint a very nice picture of an otherwise bad year. It released the ‘Overall Trends List for 2020’ also at the beginning of December 2020. Perhaps it is a message from TikTok to the world that no matter how upsetting life gets, it’s always better to fight it off with a smile and courage. TikTok itself had a pretty rough year. Not because of the coronavirus pandemic, no. In fact, the pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise for the app as it expanded more and gained a lot more daily and monthly active users. So, on one side, the app was gaining momentum, but on the other hand, the app was facing lawsuits and threats and ultimatums and bans from India and the US. Trump’s administration forced its parent company ByteDance to sell off its US operations to American investors or else the app would be banned.

So, TikTok also was going through a real bumpy road while it was providing its platform to the users for some entertainment and creativity during their hard times because of the pandemic.
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