Facebook rolls out new features for Group Admins

Facebook is working to roll-out new features in favor of Group admins. In the latest update, tags are replaced by hashtags and group admins are allowed to temporarily pause group activities including commenting, posting, and request to join the group.

In the upcoming days, new features will be revealed by Facebook for Group Administrators. In this update, Facebook is focusing more on modifying the formatting style and replace tags from hashtags providing administrators and users a more reliable approach to define the posts and browse content.

Facebook posted a blog post in which it said that Facebook groups is a land of interesting conversations, insights, and ideas. But arranging posts in a proper manner might be a challenge so that people can directly view their topic of interest. Therefore we are changing the format to post different topics.”

Admins and members of the group can make a topic by using hashtags to keywords and phrases relevant to the topic when creating a post.

When members of the group click on certain topics, they will be taken to a page with material on that subject.

Admins can post up to five topics to users post. They will do so from the pending post queue if post approval is activated.

The topic that will be more appropriate and important to the group will be posted. Then in the Add Topic section, members can review them while writing their content. Also, they can see them at the top of the Topic list and a Topic section of this group.

The social platform said that Admins that are still using the original tag option will be given the feature of the hashtag and they can change their previous post using this new format.

Admins who are wanting to take a break from their job can shut down the group for a certain period and can pause all the group activities. Only admins are allowed to put a post to inform members about the break.

The pending posts that admin the denied, now will be justified by giving the reason to the poster that which rule of the group they have broken that their post is not approving. Then authors will be able to analyze the mistakes pointed out in feedback and re-submit the post after making amendments for approval. Note that the name of the admin will not be disclosed as it will only display “it was given by an admin.”

All the new updates are available on Android, iOS, and Facebook.com.

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