With the new licensing standards, Apple is decluttering games from the App store

Recently, China has started eradicating unlicensed games from the country. In a report presented by the WSJ, it was confirmed that Apple is working to remove thousands of video gaming app after the imposition of new licensing standards.

Meanwhile in China, this eradication process is not only restricted to games but has extended to a number of other apps. It has been reported that Apple is notifying Chinese developers about the removal of paid gaming apps. Apple has been considering this process for more than a month. Officially the purging process is starting after the summer.

In-app purchase games that are not licensed by the government are at more risk of getting eradicated. For the past couple of months, Apple has been emphasizing developers to take this seriously as they have a very short time left. Before the 31st of December, the developers owning premium games are required to present proof of government license.

The games are not allowed to release before they get the license from the government. The issue centers around the regulation in China strictly follow this procedure hence, no game can be released without getting licensed. App stores like Apple constantly ignoring this requirement for years. Apple normally won’t follow any requirements and launched games into the App store before receiving the license.

According to the report, China is taking strict actions and removing more than 100 apps that did not fulfill the license requirement. The Cyberspace Administration of China demands to ban Tripadvisor and other illegal apps from Chinese Developers.

Last year Apple had 272,000 games in the App Store, out of which 94,000 games were removed in the year 2020. As compared to 2020, in 2019 25,000 games were removed from the Apple App Store.

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