Make Al Look More “Positive” says Google

Reuters, in its Wednesday report stated that Alphabet Inc. Google has asked its employees and researchers to shed a positive light on the Al Technology.

Google casted a “Sensitive Topics Review” which holds a control over the scientists’ papers and in at least three cases, states that they are not supposed to talk about the Al technology in a negative aspect as stated by the internal communications and researchers who are associated with the work of Al technology. While the Google authors were asked to show the technology in a positive light Reuters reports that one of the internal web pages about the policy states that the advancement in technology and evolving environment increases, situations which can make what seems to be an inoffensive project raise legal, ethical and reputational issues.

The new procedure states that the employees are supposed to consult the legal, policy and PR teams before making any comment about topics of face and sentiment analysis or of topics simply falling under the categories of race, gender etc. Three employees who were interviewed state that this policy began in June but Google has made no comment on this news as of yet.

The reports follow the departure of one of the top Artificial Intelligence workers at Google names Timnit Gebru’s over an email she sent to workers in which she denounced the Al research system. While google states that Gebru resigned on her own Gebru has completely denied this statement and said that the vice president of Engineering, Megan Kacholiar, had emailed her direct reports and said that she resigned on her own while her corporate email account was immediately shut down which Gebru claims is straight up firing and not resigning.

After Gebru tweeted on Wednesday that she has been fired by Google a lot of former Google employees came in support and began tweeting “I support @timnitGebru”.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google then came forward in response to how Google has handled the departure of one of its finest Artificial Investigators and of the most respected Black women in Al and apologized, claiming he will look up on the matter and circumstances that led to her departure but in no comment did he state that they will reassign Timnit Gebru back on her position.

On the same day of Gebru’s departure Google was accused by the National Labor Relation Board of the US for taking action against its workers who protested against Google. Doing this Google broke one of the US laws by taking action against activist employees.

Gebru’s departure has also the worried the critics who were tensed about Googles work in Ethical Al.

Google hasn’t made any comment as up till now.

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