WhatsApp has made shopping easy for its users by rolling out this handy feature

WhatsApp being the number 1 messaging service has made a big announcement on Tuesday. With over 2 billion users, with more than one hundred and seventy-five million business messages through this app, WhatsApp has decided to add a new feature of a cart. This will make shopping easier for its users.

WhatsApp stated that more than 40 million people view the business’ catalog each day. According to a recent report, it is said that more than 3 million people are from India which is a big market for WhatsApp. Recently, WhatsApp has launched a feature to make payment through this app for Indian users.

So, this will be a great step to launch the cart feature for WhatsApp to make success in e-commerce by connecting consumers and merchants on the same platform. WhatsApp has introduced this feature just in time for the holiday season, where people want to stay at home.

What makes this feature more exciting is people can add to carts multiple products at the same time by sending only one message to the businesses like food orders from local restaurants or clothes from different brands etc.

This feature has not made shopping easier for customers, but it has opened doors for many small businesses. WhatsApp has received a great response from many businesses. Through this feature, a small business can keep a track of order inquiries without using costly software. Because merchants and vendors will be provided free space to organize their business messages. Further, WhatsApp will make the ads available to users free of cost despite reaching its peak.

This will help WhatsApp to grow in commerce against a gigantic competitor like Amazon and Walmart. Still, it is a great challenge for WhatsApp to stand against these competitors in emerging markets of India. Where people are not used to online shopping. But, according to research, around 77 percent of young people in India think that they want to communicate with businesses in the same way they communicate with friends and family like they send a message and receive a reply instantly. In the same way this feature will provide quick and fast services. The cart feature will go live around the world on Tuesday.

This will help to build the trust of not only customers in India but also businesses. Recently, some businesses have trusted this cart feature and invested their finance. DealShare is one of those e-commerce start-ups that invested around 21 million dollars. However, challenges are still there for emerging businesses that are operating in the same space.

There is one problem that is still unresolved is deciding the exchange of money is still left in the hands of customers and merchants. Brazil and India have taken much time to allow WhatsApp to make payment methods available through this app. However, countries of South America knew the importance of this feature, so they took no time in allowing this new service.

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