Google has introduced an accessibility app that will help you to communicate through your eyes

Millions of people around the world are living with disabilities. Some people are unable to speak while some are unable to see. According to a report, only in America, approximately 7.5 million people have trouble using their voices, this number is big if we talk about the whole world. However, greater work has been done in this era of technology to assist people in having disabilities.

Recently, Google has introduced a new accessibility app that will help people who have difficulties in communicating verbally. Now the question is how this app works. Simply, this accessibility app will catch the movement of your eyes. Two columns left and right, have been designed having simple words and phrases. To select the phrases that you want to say, look right, left, or up, narrow the selection down until you get the phrase that you want to say. You can also cancel the phrase which you have wrongly chosen. This app will now speak the words or phrases that you choose.

Further, this app has also given an option to take a break for your eyes. Simply, if you want to take a break lookup. Google has made simple features in this app to help many people around the world. People can also personalize the list of options according to their needs. If you are unable to understand any option, this app has made a setup helper, help you understand different features. Further, you can also edit these words or phrases according to your requirements. Video tutorials have also been given to make this app easy to understand.

Why there was the need for such an innovation is many people around the world cannot afford expensive machines to communicate verbally. If some people can afford such machines, the problem for them is those heavy machines are immovables, requires an expert to operate such machines. Through this latest development, you don’t need to be an expert to use this app. You can download this app on your device and put it in your pocket wherever you go. Google has made this app free of cost. If you have a mobile having the latest android 9.0 or above, you can download this app from Play Store named Look to Speak.

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