WhatsApp For Desktop Gets Some New Updates - What You Need To Know

WhatsApp's latest update for its desktop variant, version 2.2049.8, brings with itself a slew of new features and design choices. Enough to fill an article? Well, press on and let's delve into the changes.

The first major change experienced in the latest update is a color palette introduction. The "dark mode" color swap that gained popularity over Android and iOS will soon be making it across PCs and Macs across the globe. Dark mode, also termed "dark green bubble swap", is an easy way for people exposed to constant screen-time to relax their eyes. The background of your WhatsApp chat interface turns black, while the light green chat bubbles running to and from are muted to a darker shade. This not only reduces intense light reaching one's eyes, but also helps one read chats better. In another addition, dark mode will now also be accessible across WhatsApp Web, the online-desktop version of everyone's favorite chatting service.

The second update WhatsApp for Desktop Windows will be seeing is a revamp in stickers! Default sticker packs on WhatsApp include some very basic, cutesy doodle and drawings that can be fun to use, but ultimately don't provide much. The real fun experience that people drew out of stickers came from cropping and cutting images to make your own stickers! Yes, be it a popular meme template or an embarrassing expression made by your friend in a photo, Stickers helps memorialize this and makes it an active part of the WhatsApp chatting experience.

However, custom sticker packs were never available across WhatsApp desktop, making users of this spinoff application severely miss out on one of the app's best in-chat functions. Despite there being a higher audience engagement across mobile devices, desktop variants deserve some attention too. Especially for office workers, students, and almost every other job in the current internet-fueled world, desktop and Web are major tools of convenience. Well, such errors have been remedied as users can simply attain the same stickers that are available on their mobile phones' WhatsApp account, provided that the same account is synced across desktop and mobile. These features were already present across WhatsApp Web, and now with the inclusion of the Desktop app, this is a victory for PC users.

That about wraps up everything new that came with this latest update, which is currently out and accessible. If users are unaware of which version they're currently on, the Web Settings menu will list the update, under the Help icon. WhatsApp's had a successful year throughout the pandemic, and is gearing up for more future updates such as account usage over multiple devices and business-related ads. Let's see where this trajectory takes the app.

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