Twitter tests a new ad spending limit of $10 for quick promotion in one day

Jane Manchun Wong is an expert in reverse engineering who informed through her Tweet that Twitter is planning to add a feature that would allow advertisers to spend even less money from $10 to $25 for quick promotions in a day. She made this news public on Saturday, 12th December 2020. She further clarified that currently the minimum budget per day is $50.

Now, You might be wondering what actually ‘quick promote’ is and how does it works. To let you know: it allows you to get your best-performing Tweets to reach a larger size of the audience. For this, you simply need to have a Twitter account and operate it on three of the following: iOS, Android, or even Web. This update will work best for businesses who want to promote their Tweets; without using Twitter Ads campaign workflow. Keep in mind that it is different from Twitter Promote Mode and campaigns that are objective-based.

To have easy access to the ‘quick promote’ feature, you need to get your hands on ‘Twitter adds account.’ After you have logged in to your ads account, have a visit to your profile page. Then, you need to select a Tweet that you want to promote and click the option of ‘view Tweet activity.’ Clicking the button would lead you to a three bared line graph. After you have had a look at the tweet activity: allow the app to ‘promote the tweet’ by choosing to click that option. You will then directed to a quick promotion screen that will allow you to choose between how much you would like to spend on the promotion of your Tweet and how successful would it be in bringing you views and the interest of viewers. The very next step is to choose the location of where you want to publicize your Tweets. If you live somewhere other than the United States, you will automatically be shown the options of the country you live in. However, Twitter gives an option to inhabitants of the United States to choose for a specific state or metro area for promoting their tweets.

After you have picked and chosen what to promote at a chosen rate, Twitter then asks you the information about your credit card and proper details of billing before it proceeds. Press ‘confirm spend’, after you are sure that the information you have given is accurate.

To see the result of the promoting efforts, you can view the bar graph of your tweet activity by clicking the option of ‘view Tweet activity.’

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