Facebook Gaming Looks To Upgrade Platform For Users and Streamers After 2020 Profit Return

Facebook Gaming has recently announced a Stars discount for users, allowing people to send more love to their favorite content creators on the platform.

Facebook Gaming is a content streaming service established in 2018 as a response to the incredibly popular Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Over time, it has seen a steady growth of users and content creators, in no small part due to Facebook investing a decent amount of time and money into the service. Popular WWE wrestler and actress Ronda Rousey is currently contracted to stream on the platform, as is famous Internet celebrity and professional gamer Jeremy Wang (alias DisguisedToast). The latter was convinced to exclusively stream on Facebook Gaming, leaving behind a massive fanbase on Twitch. The platform even made a deal with Microsoft to have select creators from their own now-defunct service Mixer join the former's banner, if they so chose. Mixer's website currently redirects users to Gaming. So, while it may not be on the same scale as Twitch and YouTube, but Facebook's investing in and carving out a niche for themselves. In recent news, this very investment seems to be paying off.

A recent announcement by Facebook shows that its content creators have earned over 5 billion stars throughout the year of 2020. Stars, the online currency that Facebook Gaming deals in, can be bought by viewers and can then be donated to their favorite streamers, who can further cash them in for proper currency. 5 billion of these amount to an estimated fifty million dollars, a rather hefty return for the community. In order to gain further returns from such a development, Gaming has started a discount on the service, running from December 15th to January 1st, so viewers can purchase more stars to support streamers. This "holiday" package also includes a new badge that users will receive for sending out stars, as well as the ability to send a "hand raise" sign.

This is not the only revamp Facebook Gaming is making to its community. It recently started the "Black Gamer Creator Program" in an effort to support African American streamers across the USA by funding equipment and other such requirements. It has pledged to commit ten million dollars to the program in an effort to lift a minority group that's had an incredibly harsh year in 2020. In other less socio-politically charged news, Gaming will also be updating the comment section of stream chats to have certain comments be noticed more. To be specific, comments with stars attached to them will be highlighted, while bigger stars will remain pinned to the chat window for some time.

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