Twitter has rolled over a new 'share a tweet on Snapchat' feature that is breaking the internet since then

According to recent reports, Twitter has rolled over one of its best new features that are taking over almost all social media platforms. Yes, you have heard right! Twitter has recently added this feature that enables the users to share their own or their concerned tweets on any of their preferred social media accounts to let it spread and heard far and wide.

It is important to note here that it is an upgraded feature of Twitter. Before this, one has to take the screenshot of the tweet to add on the snap without having any editing access to the application itself or directly share with Snapchat or any other application via Twitter. Yet, now you can add the tweets as a sticker, edit it further, and share with your community.

However, it is only available for iOS users yet, but Twitter is seamlessly working to enable this feature for Android users also, anytime soon.

This feature is also very easy to use. You only have to click on the share icon on Twitter and choose the app through which you want to share, and the tweet will be added as a sticker on your snap. You can further edit it or add the desired comments related to it. Consequently, add that sticker on your snap.

The plus point is anyone who then sees your snap can visit the tweet himself by swiping up directly from the story. Unfortunately, you can only add public tweets through this share as a sticker feature for some security reasons. So, if you want to share your tweet, you have to public it and then click on the share via icon or make sure that it is a public tweet. You are ready to go. Sounds good, right?

Above all, it not only sounds good but also makes you feel good by enabling you to share the tweet with a source as a whole rather than solely taking the screenshot. Everyone knows that screenshots can become clumsy at one point, making it a little odd.

However, if you are thinking that Twitter has only enabled this feature for Snapchat and not for Instagram that goes hand in hand then, do not waste your time thinking about it as Twitter has the same plans for Instagram also. According to the Twitter reports, this feature will also soon be available for testing on Instagram. Yet, it will only be available to some of the iOS users for now.

So, now it is a good chance for all the iOS users to make their Snapchat a sharing-the-tweets platform while allowing the viewers to find the source also easily and with a few clicks.

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