Pinterest launches new features to make it more convenient for users to use after acknowledging the increased activity on its platform

Pinterest has recently announced the launch of some new features that aim to make your usage more convenient. According to the reports, it adds separate notes, favorites, and a board toolbar. The board toolbar helps those who used to make a list of things or ideas on their boards. Through the favorites feature, you can mark the items as favorite or star them to evade the hustle of searching from a long noted list every time you need them. These latest features can be more beneficial in these hard times when everyone is preferring to stay at home, shop, and even plan everything online.

Reportedly, Pinterest has brought forward these features after considering a significant increment in user activity on its platform. They have claimed that since the last six months, almost 35% of the users have created boards on Pinterest to note or plan things. Along with this, up to 30% of the people have created collaborative boards. They have further stated that they have launched these features on-demand for the users and to ease their life. It will not target you with additional advertisements for marketing or any profit.

However, if we solely talk about the purpose that these features can offer you, then the list will undoubtedly be too long. By cutting it short, it can benefit users who are more into saving items or ideas as a reminder for later use either to checkout for themselves or to gift, without searching it again at times of need. Above all, you can write and save notes for yourself privately on your pinned item or make it public for your group if you are working together to keep the things organized and saved for long and for everyone at the same time.

The board toolbars with approximately 150 pin options can also serve as a central communication source for several groups to work together on the Pinterest application, keeping things more organized and easy to sort out. Furthermore, users can also utilize it to connect and work onboard. Whether you want to create a to-do list, keep the things organized, or save and explore more items related to your pins yet under the same board, then this board toolbar is here to help you.

Additionally, these new features can connect the users to a massive audience through Pinterest, which is an on-demand facet and what Pinterest is planning and testing to do for a long time by now, as per the recent reports.

Yet, Pinterest has rolled over these features finally for both iOS and Android users.

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