TikTok’s Insight on How to Ace Interviews and Get Noticed for Employments

TikTok has emerged as a very strong app this past year and even though it faced a lot of backlash, ban threats and forced sales, it has not stopped the company from growing further, recruiting thousands and thousands of new employees tripling its head count in 2020 and still planning on growing the employment rate, at some positions even offering its new employees a pay rate of around six figures.

Even though further employments will depend on the US court decisions, the partnership between Walmart, Oracle and TikTok and the fact that the current US President claims it as “a matter of genuine concern”, but all these uncertainties isn’t scaring the new employees making them question their job stability nor is it affecting the TikTok employment rate at the moment.

The question is when the entire world is in lockdown how is TikTok recruiting employees?

During the pandemic, as most employees are working from home, like most tech workers around the world. The standard interview process is being conducted on Zoom Meetings rather than how TikTok used to conduct in office interviews, pre Covid, some calls being one on one between candidate and interviewer while some calls have two to three candidates being interviewed together, replicating the group interviews they do on the sites.

Kate Barney, who is the head of the HR of TikTok US, responsible for the hiring process, spoke to Business Insider on how candidates can stand out as an applicant.

According to Barney, the most basic way to stand out in an interview is to show basic skills and experience on your resume but apart from that, someone who is passionate about the work they are doing, somebody who knows the application through and through and would willingly put in efforts to make the application a lot better with their ideas and on what and how can improvements be made. The candidates recruited in the sales should have a creative mind on how to put forward the sales and marketing of the application in the most unique way to gain people’s interest.

The HR manager, shared a story of how one candidate caught the company’s attention. Jenna Palek who had applied as the sales planner made a video of her resume in which she gave details of her professional background and work experience. The video ended up on the “For You” page and caught the eye of the HR manager in Chicago, who forwarded it to the recruiting team of the office where Palek had applied.

TikTok, in no way means that all the applying candidates have to make a video on the application similar to Palek’s but they want their candidates to show a passion towards their work and at least know how the application works.

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