iPhones Can Now Be Used to Store Your Vaccination Information for You to Carry It as Evidence

The past year has been hectic for the entire world, with a new pandemic, Covid-19 on loose and scientists from all around the world trying to find a vaccination to cure the ill and protect the world.

With the news that the vaccination is now finally made, has given the world a new light towards seeing a mask free environment (hopefully). The vaccination has been introduced and distributed to some parts of the world, preferably for front liners and old people in some countries, while in some first world countries like United States of America the vaccination is available for the use of some general public as well.

A company known as, Healthvana has come up with a very convenient way to add your vaccination information on your smartphone. In easier words, the vaccination records can now be saved on your Apple or Android phones, courtesy of Apple Wallet and Google Play Pass.

The Corona vaccine is completed in two doses, so according to Healthvana the basic purpose of this new feature is to save your vaccination information on your mobile phones and this feature will remind you to get your second dose within the advised time.

Secondly, it is way more convenient to carry your vaccination slip as a proof on your mobile devices compared to always need to carry a paper as a proof in case concerned authorities ask for it in school, airports and airlines.

In between, Apple and Android phones, the data stored on the Apple devices is far more reliable and promising because the vaccination data can only be stored in the Apple Wallet after it receives a vaccination confirmation from the local authorities, so nobody can fake getting a vaccine done. Like all the data that is present in Apple Wallet, the vaccination records are also fully secured and Healthvana itself confirms that the data is stored and protected on the Amazon Web Services servers with special security systems in place to protect sensitive information.

Currently, this feature is only available for mobile users in Los Angeles in the United States of America powered by partnerships between Los Angeles County and Healthvana. News on whether this feature will or will not be available anywhere else in the world for the public is currently not known.

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