TikTok has finally revealed its commitment plans towards making its app as explicit and accountable as possible

If you are much expressive and enjoy making short dance, comedy, and informative videos, I am sure that you must be familiar with the app named ‘TikTok’. This Chinese app rolled-out in September 2016 on iOS and Android. With being available in 40 languages it allows you to make a 30 to 60-second video. However, it has recently announced its considerations to maximize the time limit of videos up to 3 minutes.

Since September 2016, TikTok has gained 500 million monthly active users; by presenting entertaining and interesting videos. Unfortunately, several users tried to misuse the app by sharing content that included nudity, use of foul and abusive language and the list goes on. This resulted in many governments to ban this platform in their countries for privacy concerns. The U.S was one of those countries that considered banning the app. On 12th November 2020, the US’s former president; Donald Trump ordered to block the app in his country. However, the current government is pressurizing the Bytedance company - which launched the app in the market- to sell it.

Blake Chandlee who is a VP and is responsible for keeping an eye on everything the app does to create revenue; in his latest tech conference explained that possibilities are being measured on how to tackle this situation. The VP is further known to have said that TikTok’s main priority is to make its customers feel comfortable while using the app and it will never change its priorities.

TikTok - before it was banned in the U.S was popular among the teens and twenties who constantly reported the app to its government for showing unfiltered content on the platform. The U.S government wants TikTok to sell this app to Walmart and Oracle of the US by making it believe that it will better manage the content to be shown on the app. The US government gave the company time to think till Friday.

Chandlee joined Facebook before he started working with TikTok in January 2020. In 2007 and 2008, while was working on Facebook; he tried to make a comparison between TikTok’s features, its developing and updating speed with that of Facebook’s and commented that Instagram is already leading itself towards loss.

Snapchat; which is a Facebook-owned platform added stories feature after Chandlee’s suggestion to its app, which was shortly available on Facebook too. Chandlee said that Instagram now like TikTok is trying to introduce the option of ‘Reels’ on its social networking platform.

The VP further drew comparisons between the performance and service providing of both apps: Instagram and Facebook. He was observed taking the side of Facebook by saying that it is the world’s best app and how people create and can view the content is quite different on Instagram.

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Featured Photo: Anjum Naveed/AP
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