Learning Management System Evaluation: These Are The Must-Have LMS Features

Enhancing learning and training experience might seem like a challenge but it certainly isn’t impossible. A tool named a learning management system or an LMS can help you achieve that.

After a thorough learning management system evaluation, it becomes easy for you to find a tool that fits well with your organizational goals. Every business has different needs. Thus, every organization requires a different learning management system. This is what an evaluation can help you achieve.

Features of an LMS act as a major deciding factor for an organization. There are a few must-have features that every company makes a checklist of and in search of to ensure the effectiveness of their training sessions. An LMS evaluation can help you find an LMS that will be just perfect for you.

Here are a few of the above-mentioned features that certainly deserve a space on your checklist to ensure your LMS is flexible and scalable for your organization.

Integrations for seamless functioning

It is essential to choose an LMS that has tight integrations with your current technological standards and updates. This will help in bringing the LMS and your IT infrastructure to come together seamlessly.

As your learning management system would be a crucial part of your learning and development, it is important that your LMS is able to receive and give information or data as much as possible.

When you are evaluating a learning management system, keep all the integration capabilities of the tool in your mind. It will benefit you a lot more than you can imagine.

Detailed reporting

Reporting is another significant feature that you should look for when you are finding your perfect learning management system. It is important especially when there is a formal compliance requirement that is needed to be met. You would need all the reports of your learners showing that they have passed all the mandatory training and assessment.

Thus, find an LMS that has reporting as its feature. Moreover, with reporting, your employees can feel motivated to take action and prompt learners to complete their training before it is too late.

When you don’t have reports to fall back on, it will become a challenge to find areas of improvement and ensure the effectiveness of your program. Your reports should help you get analytics on the courses, how your employees are performing, time being spent on the course, and more.

Support various devices

Convenience and ease of accessibility can do wonders in making your training programs more engaging. Today, everyone finds a mobile phone more accessible and easy to use than any other electronic device.

Thus, it will be of great use if you choose an LMS that supports mobile phones and other electronic devices such as tablets. It will be an added advantage to have an LMS with its very own mobile application.

Because of this, learners will have access to the resources anywhere they are at any time. This helps you to expand your area of education beyond your traditional classrooms and meeting rooms.


When it comes to a learning management system, it is a lot more than just its interface. Just like many other content creating tools out there, it is important that you find an LMS that supports the standards such as AICC, SCORM, and xAPI.

This is because every piece of content that you develop within the standardized framework is sure to operate perfectly in your learning management system. This helps to transfer data easily and also helps you avoid investing in content further once you upgrade your software or are looking for a switch.

LMS evaluation helps you find out the software that works well with your infrastructure. It is important to find such a tool to make sure the seamless functioning of your organization.

Illusration: Pikisuperstar / Freepik.
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