The short-video app TikTok is considering to extend its video limit from 60 seconds to 3 minutes

This video-sharing and social networking app was created and introduced by ByteDance in September 2016. The platform allows its users to make a 3 to 60 seconds video and can be operated in 39 to 40 different languages. It covers 150 markets all around the world. According to the latest official statistics the app has currently 500 million; monthly active users all around the globe. What else could be used as proof of its victory?

Recently, Matt Navara; who is a famous analyst, posted screenshots of his TikTok app on Twitter and said that the company is testing to expand its video time from 60 seconds to 3 minutes.

Many showed satisfaction with the coming update because they expected the app to start monetization after this update - just like Facebook. While others were much thankful for the update which would get rid of “part two of the video.” Some people were also observed saying that 3 minutes longer videos would get them bored with the app.

The company has not yet made sure that whether the upcoming feature would be available to all its users or not. However, a British news company known as is expected to reveal this secret soon and is waiting for a response from TikTok.

It seems like the update was more like a strategy used by TikTok to compete with its rivals, as Twitter has already extended its character limits from 140 to double it to 250. Likewise; Youtube which previously allowed users to upload a video of 10 seconds longer has now maximized the time to 15 minutes.

Additionally, according to Engadget, many users on TikTok witnessed that the 3-minute video feature is available to them.

The update- when available to all its users will hopefully be able to reduce their complaints about the time limit. It will permit the content creators to make better videos by further elaborating them and adding props to them. However, users who found watching videos for no more than 60 seconds might dislike the new feature by TikTok.

This update may lead to the unban of TikTok, as it is still not considered by the Indian government to unban this app 57 other Chinese ones. Privacy concerns are the reason given by the Indian government for restricting the app in their country. Moreover, according to an ET report: Nikhil Gandhi who is the head of Indian-based TikTok confirmed to his employees through an email that the company is trying their best to resolve the concerns raised by the Indian Government. Gandhi is further reported to have said that leaving a positive impact on people through the platforms is their utmost priority.

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