Microsoft Edge Browser Rolls Out New Smart Copy Feature

Microsoft’s attempts to create a world class browser have not gone well for the company. Because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up compromising Microsoft’s influence in the world of tech, the company decided to switch to the Chromium platform and discontinue Internet Explorer in favor of a new browser called Microsoft Edge. This browser has brought a lot of new features to the table, and since this is in many ways Microsoft’s last chance to make a mark in the world of internet browsers the tech giant is being very careful to add only the best features available and attempt to ensure that these users maximize the user experience as much as possible.

One major problem that a lot of browsers face has to do with the copy paste feature. Oftentimes when you try to copy and paste something, you lose all of the formatting that had been used to set the text up. Formatting is generally very important. It can help contextualize information accurately and make it so that the information can be read in an accurate and efficient manner. This is why the new feature that Microsoft Edge is offering, called Smart Copy, is such a game changer.

Smart Copy is basically a copy paste function that preserves the original formatting of the text if you are copying it from a table. If you use the latest version of Edge Canary, you can access this feature by pressing shift, control and X. This would create a rectangle that you can then drag and select all of the text that you are trying to copy. Once you do this, the pasting feature would become a lot easier to deal with. This is a feature that a lot of users have wanted, so Microsoft has made a smart move here.
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