The suspended channels on YouTube can now make an appealing video to beg forgiveness

Content creators on YouTube always had a tough relationship with YouTube. YouTube force the channels that violate the rules of the platform to pay consequences by suspending their channel.

Suspending of channels is a big problem for those creators who obey all the laws and are active users. And because of the lawbreaking channels, these authentic channels suffer too. Now YouTube is working on a new approach by which these legitimate content creators can appeal to channel suspensions on YouTube and it seems like a lot of effort to make a video.

With this new update, the suspended channels in the YouTube Partner Program will be able to make an appealing video in which they can claim to remove the charges against them. After watching the appeal video, the YouTube Partner Program will reconsider the channel and if the video provides sufficient evidence to comply with YouTube policies then they will restore the monetization of the suspended channel before the end of the suspension period which is 30 days.

Although, this video making feature felt like it will a lot of efforts just to please YouTube. The whole process of scripting, shooting, editing, formatting, and uploading the video just to explain themselves in front of the YouTube masters. When this feature roll-out, the reaction of the YouTubers will be fascinating. Note that only a particular percentage of users can avail this feature right now. In the future, YouTube might extend this to all of the users.

YouTube is a platform where users create a video to explain their message, so they rather make an appeal video instead of writing long paragraphs to justify their statements. YouTube policy review team's job will become more exciting when this feature will be active.

In this way, legitimate content creators who get in problem because of the channels that go against YouTube policies will get a chance to prove themselves as an innocent. As only small violence can make the channel lose its monetization. And the consequence of 30 days suspension will be compelled on the users.

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