Snapchat’s collaboration with a clothing brand is likely to pave its way to step into the eCommerce avenue

Snapchat has been trying to integrate eCommerce into its platform through various shopping features and has been partnering with several famous brands since June 2020. It launched its first ‘Shoppable’ Snap Original shows and introduced barcodes and logos that are scannable and that can allow the users to easily shop through their favorite items. A while ago, Snapchat also introduced the Augmented Reality ‘Try On’ feature that lets the users try on various items like lip colors, dresses, etc. all in AR. Integrating eCommerce to its platform will bring more opportunities for the app to generate revenue while also improving user engagement and outreach.

Snapchat also introduced Bitmoji avatars which have become extremely famous nowadays. In 2019, Snapchat added a feature that allowed users to dress up their Bitmoji avatars in dresses by Ralph Lauren and Jordan, with whom Snapchat had partnered. Now, Snapchat is collaborating with Levi’s and through this collab, users will be able to dress their Bitmoji avatars in timeless Levis’s clothing items such as the 501 Original Fit Jeans, Trucker Jackets, Western shirts, and a lot more, all available in multiple washes. Users can choose between 12 curated Levi’s clothing items for their Bitmoji avatar and try on various combinations and styles of dressing with them as per their personal preferences.

Now, this venture could give a push to Snapchat further in the direction of eCommerce. What users can do is that through Snapchat's full-body tracking tools, they can create their full-length Bitmoji avatars that can be overlayed onto real-time scenes. The users can then and on different classic clothing items from Levi’s or other brands. This will work in two ways: 1) The brand gets more recognition, 2) The user affiliation with a brand will help them align with a brand identity.

Of course, it is not going to be the same as you try clothes on yourself in a boutique. But it will give you an idea of how you can dress up and which kinds of dresses or brands suit you more through your life-sized avatar.

Other apps are also using such avatars. A little while ago, Facebook also brought Bitmoji avatars to its platform, and already has ventured into eCommerce and online shopping. Now, Snapchat is also looking for ways through which this becomes an easier and much-preferred medium for online shopping.


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