Instagram tests the options of a default audience for Facebook, showing your other accounts and recommendation of a Reel on Facebook

There has been some interesting news about Instagram that Matt Navarra and Alessandro Paluzzi has shared on Twitter recently.

Matt Navarra, the famous social media commentator has recently shared that Instagram is rolling out an option to let the users choose their default audience for the Instagram posts shared on Facebook. Through this option, they can choose whether they want their Instagram posts to be shared on Facebook with their friends only, or with everyone. They can also turn off this feature by disabling the ‘Share your posts to Facebook’ option that automatically shares your posts to the parent platform if enabled.

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a leaker and a mobile developer is famous for giving out interesting news related to upcoming features while unveiling hidden gems in different apps. As per two of his tweets, Instagram is likely to bring a feature that will show a user’s other accounts on their profile.

He has shared a screenshot which shows that if you go to Edit Profile, you will see your Name, Username, Website, Bio, and a new option on which Instagram seems to be working is that of ‘Show your other accounts.’ This feature can be enabled or disabled, as per a user’s wish.

Paluzzi has also tweeted that Instagram is also working on the possibility of recommending a ‘Reel’ on Facebook. The screenshot that he has shared with this tweet shows that once a user clicks on the Share option for Reels and Stories, they will see several other options, including ‘Share to Reels,’ ‘Also Share to Feed,’ and another new option, ‘Recommend on Facebook.’

All these new changes that are likely to come soon on Instagram seem to be adhering to the bigger plan of Facebook to eventually integrate and inter-connect the backends of all its apps. The plan included chats and messaging services, and now it seems that features like Reels and Instagram posts with a more controlled audience on Facebook will also play a bigger role in fulfilling this plan.

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