Study Reveals The Countries Affected Most By Data Theft

Data theft is the sort of practice that has become commonplace on the internet, and this has caused a lot of problems for the average user. While you might think that a country like China or perhaps even India would be the most affected by data theft and the like, it is important to note that the country with the highest number of incidences of data theft is actually the US, and according to a ranking made by Uswitch the US actually has had more data breaches than the other 9 countries in the top 10 list combined.

In the US, about 6 billion cases of data theft have been recorded. That amounts to a whopping 19 data theft cases per capita. If you think about it, even a single data theft incident happening to you is a very serious thing that you would want to take as seriously as possible. 19 cases per person is a number that is truly staggering. The US clearly has one of the best data infrastructures in the world, and it has a lot of security protocols put in place to try and reduce the number of attacks that occur on a regular basis.

Well, there are actually a lot of other factors that be contributing to why the US is in the top spot. For one thing, while the country’s population doesn’t come close to the likes of China and India, it still has a pretty sizeable population and this essentially means that there are more people there that can be targeted. What’s more is that the country is a hub for technological advancement, which makes it a prime target for malicious actors. To put it simply, data from the US is just a lot more valuable than from other countries which leads to it being attacked more often.

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