Now Apple users are allowed to share In-App Purchases, subscriptions through iCloud Family sharing

Apple has now launched a new update of iCloud Family Sharing that allows apple users to share their in-app purchases, subscriptions to others. The Cupertino Company has confirmed that at the beginning of June at WWDC, the feature will be revealed.

Now Apple has finally made this update accessible for users to share subscriptions with their family members. But only those developers and users can use this Family Sharing feature who are currently using iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. Remember that this feature is not available for all the apps. As per the 9to5Mac, the latest feature was observed in iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.3 beta, in addition to macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. Gadgets 360 is able to confirm the functionality of the feature on iOS 14.2 separately.

Through iCloud Family Sharing, you can share all your in-app purchases with your family you have done via your Apple ID. It includes app, music, movies, Apple News+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music subscriptions. When you sign up for any of these applications, anyone in your family will instantly have access to the same apps on their own devices and accounts. The activation process of this feature is very simple. To use it, go to Settings then Apple ID and Family Sharing. If your family members own an Apple ID then you can also add them under the Family Sharing tab.

When you get done adding your family members move to the Apple ID menu and go to the subscription page. You can move to Exchange New Subscriptions there. Then the valid subscriptions will be directly shared with your family members.

App developer Steve Harris tweeted about this update “to avail the feature, developers would still have to individually activate Family Sharing on the App Store Link Portal for their applications.”

However, you have to wait till the feature is extended to other apps also, so you can share your Netflix and prime video subscriptions with your loved ones. Though, it has not been declared by Apple, when they are making this feature available for older versions of iOS and macOS.

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