Business Apps Have Seen a Massive Boom in 2020

The number of apps that tend to be available on the app store goes up and down, but one app category that often tends to be overlooked is that of business apps. This year has seen a lot of people unable to go outside, and because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up creating feelings of boredom and isolation, and increase of 25% has been seen in terms of phone usage on Android devices.

However, not all the various kinds of apps have seen usage growth equally. All apps have seen some growth, with most app types seeing percentage increase in the mid twenties whereas video streaming did a fair bit better seeing a 40% increase in usage, at the end of the day it’s business apps that ended up winning the year. These apps saw a massive 200% increase in their usage, owing in large part due to the number of people that were being forced to work from home. Chances are that this usage rate is going to stay this high or perhaps even grow further as companies continue work from home policies into 2021 due to the virus still being around and it might even go further than that thanks to a potential permanent shift to working from home in a lot of industries.

One impact that this could have is that it would make it so that more business apps are going to start to be developed. We will also likely start seeing a lot more innovation within these apps, something that would certainly improve the kind of usage that people would have the potential of deriving from them. This is a unique development, one that could very well change the trajectory of the tech industry as a whole.

Via: Appannie.

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