Social Proofing Matters: Google is testing an improved (instagram-inspired) like button on its discovery feed

It is since 4th September 1998 that Google is serving to make your life better through its astonishing inventions to the search world. For knowing what you choose to see less or more on your Google Discover feed; it recently launched a like button. When you like a post; you will be able to see alike posts more often in the future.

In a new test, as spotted by Domi, the tech giant is introducing social proofing touch (just like all other social networks), which means, soon, you'll be able to see how many users have liked a particular story in Google Discover feed. This will ultimately show how popular stories are among readers and it will probably help Google to either suggest those articles to more users or not.

The heart feature is more than just a button. The content you see on your Google feed is based on your activity history and you can change what you want to see according to your choice. There are several ways of doing so. Firstly, you can click the “menu” option - right after you click on settings and make a variation in the topic you follow. You can also change the management settings of what you have seen previously in Google discover. Once you turn on your web and app activity this feature will automatically be enabled by saving your data including your browsing history and all other activities you have done on your Google Account. To turn on this service; you need to tap the option of “Web and App Activity” which is located beneath the Google-wide controls option. Then simply turn on the Web activity.

Secondly, you must have observed the three-dotted option next to Google cards. Also by clicking that icon, you can let Google know about the topics of subjects you are interested in.

However, all the above-mentioned options are not much feasible because of their all in one substitute: like button. Instead of the old version which included a “not interested” option, the users are now able to use the like button.

The topic headers of the discovery cards answer your question of why are you seeing this post. You can further dig deeper into the topic by simply tapping on the Google card.

This updated “like” option will help people easily customize their Google feed and help them undersatnd what's really worth liking thus also saving their time.

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