Google Discover tests a new Instagram-inspired option to learn about users’ preferences

Recently, a small Instagram-inspired heart has been spotted in the Google Discover and Feeds page, which turns red if a user likes a certain thing on that page and clicks on it. It seems to have replaced the previous button for the More/Less slider, which tuned the content as per the users’ tastes.

This heart feature is in the testing phases for now, but it is a small and sweet addition through which users can let Google know about their likes and dislikes.

This is not the only feature that takes care of this issue. In Google Discover, there is a “three dots- and-line” icon. When it is tapped, it gives the user certain choices to tune his or her Discover content. This lets Google know about the user’s preferences and it then shows results matching the taste of the user.

This heart icon also lets Google know that the user liked a certain thing. But that is all to it, or so it seems. This icon has not launched yet, so not much is known about it.

Although it is not known whether this new icon is going to bring any more changes in Google Discover or not, it is still guaranteed that the options to tune Discover will remain still. Like marking a certain subject as Uninterested or blacklisting a venue will still be present, even if the heart icon is clicked or not.

So far, this seems to be a small, insignificant tweak, but it is still good to learn that Google is trying to know more about its users’ choices, along with likes and dislikes. Also, it seems that Google is trying to change the apparent granularity that the More/Less feature presented, which was launched in 2018.

On Google Discover Feed, a circle with a vertical line at the bottom right of the article card used to appear. When it was tapped, it used to expand and give out two Options: More or Less. By clicking on either option, the user could easily let Google know if he or she wished to see more articles like the one that Google was showing, or not. This sort of tuned out and filtered the Feed, which was a good feature to save time and get to the desired subjects quickly.

We must wait and see that when this heart icon rolls out, whether it will make the Feed more filtered out or not?

Screenshot: Androidpolice.

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