You Might Soon Be Able To Refine Your Google Search More By Highlighting Snippets

In another attempt to make your search experience even more smooth, Google is testing a feature that will provide more relevant results in an overlay box when you will highlight a certain text in the main search result window.

The feature first got revealed by a well-known SEO expert, Jackson Lo who also shared a glimpse of how the new feature will work for the users in the form of a video as his main search revolved around finding “lume cube video conferencing lighting kit”.

However, it was just when he started to highlight some text of the search results that the magic of the new feature started to happen. Furthermore, in order to ensure that this isn’t any Chrome extension, he also showed tweeted that his browser was clean of any such trick and this indeed is a new genuine feature by Google which the company seems to be testing only to roll it out soon as well.

The feature seems to be native to the Google Search Bar magnifying glass which previously didn’t work for any of the web content options provided by the company for Video, Books, News, etc.

There are more people including Shameem Adhikarath (on desktop) and Nicholas McDonough (on mobile device) who have also claimed to find the feature when they tried out what Jackson Lo was showing and looking at all these screenshots, it looks like the test is successful to come out as a feature soon!

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