Facebook brings out a revamped Help Center, but people are disappointed with their support

Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who unveils different upcoming features and some ‘hidden gems’ from various apps and sites has recently shared a post from Alexandru Voica (@alexvoica), a Facebook spokesperson. Facebook has redesigned the Help Center to provide support to people, as the name suggests, to find the information they look at on the app. This service is supposed to be a lot faster than before and will provide the added advantage of improved and streamlined navigation for a much better user experience and to match with their current FB5 design.

While, as much as better support was always required from Facebook’s help center, people are not happy with the redesigned version that was released just a day ago. Many followers of Jane Wong commented under her tweet about how bad and inefficient the support is even now.

One person even called out to Jane Wong for such a pathetic upgrade, to which she jokingly commented that it is all Facebook’s doing, not hers.

Apart from the support issues, navigation is surely better and simpler. The main Help Center page shows clear sections for easy access for all its users. There are some clear directions about how the Help Center will help the users and in which areas? The first thing is the introduction of a home page, which is the main thing a user sees when they log into their Facebook profile, and that is the hub where all the posts from friends and groups and pages come in the form of a News Feed. There are easy links for users to follow through to find out how they can control what they see in their News Feed, how they can search for people and topics that matter to them, and how they can Like and React to posts in their News Feed.

Apart from this, the Help Center page provides links for popular articles that can help people find out answers to questions like why their page has been taken down, etc. These articles are basically the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section that we see on other websites.

So, all in all, the design is nice, and the navigation is definitely good. If Facebook only improves its real support and communication, that would be awesome!

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