Pinterest presents trend predictions for 2021 based on user data

After analyzing user interest and habits over the last 12 months, Pinterest released new trend predictions for the year 2021.

As per Pinterest, they are very good at predicting trends. Last year, 80 percent of their trend predictions based on the analysis were found to be true.

This year too, Pinterest paid attention to all the trends users have been following throughout the year. 30 trends were highlighted by Pinterest, last year it chose 10 trends that in 2021 will going to be taken off. If you are running your business in one of these trends sector, this might be of great significance for you to notice.

In the trend list presented by Pinterest, each topic is covered in a separate section. You can view each section in detail by selecting a particular topic.

Each section contains a small overview of the trend, relevant keywords, and user insights to help its predicted growth.

Some of the predicted trends are: Athflow in the fashion category, skinimalism in the beauty section, gateway car specified in the travel section, bland is banned in food and beverage, vibey lights, modern mystic, frogs are the new fido, embroidery is the new tie-dye in habits and interests, cocoon swoon, bathing rituals are the new spa days, sleep care is the new self-care and many more.

Pinterest also gives details about each trend that how it will going to help brands by viewing their popularity. These explanations are extremely helpful if you want to grow as a business on Pinterest and interact with your targeted audience.

In the recent trend predictions, there are several options. A thorough review of the 30 trend list is required to figure out what might work best for your business. To make it easier, Pinterest has also provided a summary of these trends to give a general overview.

This trend prediction list is really important, as said by Pinterest that their predictions become true most of the time. In comparison to last year, this time Pinterest came up with a lot more predictions.

If you are doubtful about these trends, you need to look into the usage insights that predicts their future growth. These predicted trends for 2021 are absolutely worth to review.

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